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Meet The Trinket Pixie Team....

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Caroline Nevison

Hi, My name is Caroline Nevison, I am the designer & maker here at Trinket Pixie Jewellery. I am a self taught jewellery maker with a massive passion for my work! I graduated in Fashion & Textile Design which has a big influence on my silver design. I love to make sentimental, unique pieces of jewellery that my clients will love & treasure. 

Graduating in Fashion & Textile design then many years later evolving into self-taught silversmithing, I am constantly developing my style.

Living beside the coast inspires me with many of collections.

My passion is to create a personal connection to each piece accenting a story, promise or memory for my clients to keep and wear.

I love to explore texture and create depth within my pieces.

My aim is to create tactile pieces that are unique and contemporary.

Caroline xx


This is Harris, the apprentice, company, welcoming committee and many more things within the business! And very cute too!! xx


Eve AKA Mini Trinket Pixie

Also "The Apprentice" as I've been reminded is Eve, my gorgeous, cheeky & Inspirational 9 year old daughter xx 
My Husband Garry & Son Dylan better get a mention too!! LOL! xx
All incredibly important members of course and I couldn't do it without them! xx

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